Born in Bergamo, Italy, Giampiero Tagliaferri resides between Milan and his adopted city of Los Angeles. His vision reflects the intersection of past century Italian design and Southern Californian modernism.

Milan, the city where Tagliaferri lived for 20 years, left an indelible mark on the aesthetic that has become his trademark. The city’s understatement, its tension between ostentation and sobriety, adornment and essence, grandiosity and reserve, are at the core of Tagliaferri’s work. Conversely, Tagliaferri’s years spent in L.A. cultivated an entirely new approach based on Californian simplicity, effortless elegance and the sensuousness of the light, colors and landscape.

His residential and commercial projects are characterized by a dynamic mix of materials ranging from luxurious to accessible, all while keeping his eye trained on the inherent authenticity of the space, whether in Paris, Mexico City, or Malibu.

Before opening his design studio, Tagliaferri was the Creative Director for Luxury eyewear brand Oliver Peoples, overseeing marketing, brand strategy, product and store design.